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Technological advances and innovations require new skills to be mastered and the centre designs programmes to facilitate these ongoing requirements. An enhanced, custom-built facility including interventional human anatomy, virtual reality simulations, microsurgery and a state of the art simulated operating environment combine to form one of the most innovative research and training facilities in Europe.

The Centre acts as a focus for multidisciplinary teaching and faculties are drawn from practising clinicians and other experts who ensure the high quality and relevance of the courses. The training covers predominantly, but not exclusively, endoscopic skills at three levels: Basic, Advanced and Procedure Related.

With the increasing evidence that training in surgical simulation provides improved patient outcomes, we recognised that the training capacity of our facilities required to be updated to reflect the changing requirements of surgical training. The courses we deliver has expanded to include courses in many surgical disciplines, including interventional radiology, ENT, gynaecology, anaesthetics and multidisciplinary courses covering technical and non-technical skills. 

Courses are regularly available in various specialities including: